Thanksgiving Day Parade

A west coast NBC (channel 4 out here) broadcast of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has started.  I am mildly interested in what the parade will have, floats, balloons, entertainers, etc.  Of course there is the also the necessary evil of the hosts.  Usually they’re benign annoyances.  I wish they’d keep their comments to descriptions of the activities of the event and actual facts about the event elements – when they’re doing that, they can and sometimes do add value to the broadcast.  Unfortunately, they rarely limit their comments to anything of mild interest, let alone value – they appear to be too busy saying anything at all that sounds cute and exciting.  This morning has been annoyingly in keeping with unfortunate hosting/interviewing history.  Specifically, while the many entertainers and other participants are enjoyable to watch, they are not the universal best in their fields, and this broadcast is far from the best possible in family entertainment, as we were promised by at least one host at the outset of the broadcast.  My problem is that broadcasters, producers, and the hosts are charged with presenting a good product, and claims of best this and best that – blithe superlatives being lavished on the unfortunate ears of viewers – are insults to comparative professionals elsewhere, and vivid displays of profound ignorance of the industry, fan perspective, and good writing phrasing and content.  I wish to admonish NBC to either write better material for their hosts, or, if NBC has no control over their event hosts, implore the hosts to stop saying things that are vivid demonstrations of ignorance at least, and veiled insults at worst.  By the way, kudos to the many entertainers involved with today’s parade – even the performances that are not as successful as others do have heart and offer some enjoyment in the viewing, not to mention the fact that they are all braving the frigid temperatures and wind potential New York is offering this fine Thanksgiving morning.

I suppose most viewers are not going to waste their time being overly concerned with the blatherings of hosts.  On the one hand, good for them – it’s generally not worth the effort to pay any attention to hosts and commentators.  My many associates, friends, and family, are all in agreement that hosts and commentators are generally poor at best, and abominable in the main.  However, I genuinely feel bad for hosts and commentators who have either deluded themselves into believing they are well received by viewers, or who are endeavoring to develop good capabilities but do not apparently have the resources that can help them develop their skills.  Writers, pay attention to what you are writing; hosts, pay attention to the words coming from your mouths; producers, even though much of the American public does not pay that much attention to what’s going on around them, you can be a positive element in the broadcast world by paying attention to the details – maybe you can all offer subtle support for our society by raising the bar factually, intellectually, and with presentation more cognizant of audience potential, AND be entertaining – in other words, do not do just a fluffy, cute job, or even a better job, do a GOOD job.

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