Sometimes It’s The Motorcycle Rider’s Fault

First, let me be clear on one thing – I have nothing against motorcycles or the people who ride them.  Motorcycles can be a lot of fun, and several of my friends and members of my family enjoy riding them – but they do require more responsibility from all drivers in terms of maintaining the safety of oneself and the safety of those nearby.  Of course, we all know that most car drivers are outrageously lazy about looking for anything or anyone who might be where they have decided to move their car, and many motorcycle drivers who are operating in a perfectly responsible way have been hurt by car drivers.  BUT sometimes it is the motorcycle driver’s fault.  Just about a half hour ago I was driving north on the 55 freeway somewhere south of the 5 freeway interchange, and I saw a motorcycle rider almost get hit, and it was his own fault.  I was in the lane next to the carpool lane, at one of the points where the line between the two lanes was white and dashed, in other words the carpool lane drivers were free to change lanes into the other lane (of course safely!).  A car driver in the carpool lane had signaled his request to change lanes, I had slowed slightly to allow a space to open up in front of me, and the other driver was proceeding to make a safe and courteous lane change (that alone was absolutely amazing – it is extremely rare!).  Right at that moment, a motorcycle driver decided to zip for a considerable distance between the two rapidly moving lanes and was nearly hit by the driver changing lanes, and he actually had the audacity to look at the car as if the car’s driver was at fault.  I had a clear viewpoint, and can speak with certainty that the car driver was innocent, and the motorcycle rider should not have been zipping between lanes so irresponsibly, obviously without even looking at the cars surrounding him – remember, the car was blinking and had been for several seconds, and I was obviously making room for him.  The danger in this situation was entirely the fault of the motorcycle rider.

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