Nick Faldo Should Be Slapped 2

Since when is it considered in any way appropriate to laugh at someone experiencing and dealing with their difficulties?  Tiger Woods is having a difficult round, and, because I didn’t hit the mute button quickly enough, I had to endure Nick Faldo giggling at Tiger’s experience, and making asinine, inappropriate, distasteful comments, and he successfully lassoed his fellow idiot announcers (my theory is that they have so few brains and such low self esteem, that they’ll follow a stupid example and bully like that) into the same shameful behavior.  The oddest thing to me is that supposedly golf has an image based in dignity and an elevated sense of appropriate  conduct.  Nick Faldo seems to be basing his game on the free ride that comes from the unfortunate reality that nobody challenges such idiotic behavior because they won’t allow themselves to believe that it is so poor to begin with … after all, Nick Faldo represents golf, right?  What a ghastly thought.  And I’m watching and hearing the seemingly never ending examples of derision and idiocy pouring out of the brainless Nick Faldo and his sidekicks.  Disgusting.  Mr. Woods, all I can say is, I’m sorry you have the unfortunate luck to be associated with, and in a way represented by, such poor commentators of your sport, and I wish you good luck in your future tournaments.

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