Nick Faldo Should Be Slapped

We just saw the announcement that Dustin Johnson is taking a voluntary leave from golf to deal with issues in his life.  Nick Faldo’s comment referenced that Dustin had gone off the straight and narrow – oh, but Nick wished him well.  What kind of insulting, high-handed, intrusive, inappropriate, obnoxious, it’s none of your business comment was that?  Faldo loves to make predictive, inappropriate, thinly veiled comments.  I am an aficionado of golf, and have many friends who also follow golf, some of whom are very closely associated with well recognized golf legends – none of us think Nick Faldo’s editorializing commentaries have any value whatsoever.  The vast majority of sports commentators and announcers are completely unable to say much of any worth, but golf announcers are among the very worst, and Nick Faldo leads the pack.

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