The Normal Heart

I am right this second watching this amazing movie on HBO.  The script, the direction, the acting, all of it needs to be recognized.  Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer must receive awards … they must.  It isn’t just the story, and the fact that it is powerful, so so powerful, so true and necessary, so essential – that is an obvious fact.  I could never say anything powerful enough in recognition of what this story was about.

Instead, my focus is on the amazing piece created by artists who, as evidenced by this piece, lead in their arena, and on all of the elements that made this piece absolutely wonderful.  Just having subject matter of such importance, on so many levels that its significance cannot be quantified, does not ensure that a piece will be successful, or even mediocre.  This is one of the best written, best directed, best edited pieces I have ever seen.  I can’t begin to do justice to the acting – it was like being in the same room with essence, with love, with intimacy, with illness, with suffering, with two people showing what it is to be in love.  I always liked all of the actors who were involved – I had no idea they all were able to do the indescribable work they did for this piece.  If Matt Bomer and Mark Ruffalo don’t receive awards, that would say very bad things about the people responsible for deciding who receives awards.  They deserve every note of acclaim available.

HBO, all who were involved … thank you.

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