The Announcers and Commentators Presenting the Olympics

So far the only truly great bit of presentation I’ve seen has been the interview Al Michaels did with T.J. Oshie after he got the U.S. hockey team through to the win over the Russian hockey team.  Mr. Michaels, please try to continue to produce good work – don’t descend into the pit of senseless mouthing that most of your profession continuously displays – stay your humble, pleasant, effective self.

Please ship Costas home, please!  So far in this Olympics he has been as much of an embarrassment as he was at the last one, and that’s saying a lot!  Lipinski, having you comment on other skaters is like hearing fingernails being scraped on a chalk board – your untutored blatherings are only the tiniest bit more tolerable than Bezic’s self important, presumptuous ramblings.  I never could figure out half of the factual info involved with many of the sports being presented, which would have been interesting information, but have had to endure countless meaningless hours of meandering nonsense.  Oh, and take the microphone away from every single on-site athlete interviewer.  Producers, listen – I can say that categorically every person I know regards the personnel, questions, and attitude as almost uniformly embarrassing, painful, and a disgrace to our nation.  The ones who aren’t embarrassing are usually about as effective as gray cardboard.

Johnny Weir, I really like you, but sometimes I think you’re being affected by Lipinski.  Resist, just ignore her!  I’ve seen you in many different arenas (skating, cooking, commentating, etc.), and you manage to maintain your own great personality without either overpowering or being overpowered by others.  Please continue to develop your own good announcing style.  Please continue to be clear and factual, identify your own opinions, and please do not do as your fellow “professionals” who posture themselves as being mind readers who know with certainty the private thoughts and activities going on in the minds and lives of the athletes.


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