Anne Burrell on Worst Cooks in America

Anne Burrell, stop insulting the members of your “Worst Cooks” team.  Bobby Flay has the perfect balance of nice, funny, and honest, and can rib his team and also give constructive comments without sounding like a jerk.  Anne, you continue to sound like a harpy and a jackass by turns – mostly due to your delivery, and sometimes due to your inappropriate choice of comments.  I know plenty of people who would label some of your personal choices to be those of a six year old – and that comment you made wasn’t the only objectionable one on this evening’s program.  Please stop doing this, because I like so much about you, but you’re making that increasingly difficult.  Adding cute or sweet comments doesn’t help, just like adding sugar to try to wipe out mistakenly dumped in salt hasn’t a prayer of working.  By the way, nice touches on the hair-do!  I was glad to see the new season opener of Worst Cooks in America” – I didn’t think any show would brave Olympics-dom with a new episode, let alone a new season, and I really like this show.  Go Team Bobby Flay!


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