There’s stupid, and then there’s this …

This is the absolute truth – no embellishment.  Last Friday, January 24, 2014, my friend and I were in her car heading out of the parking structure where we work at 100 Bayview Circle, Newport Beach, CA 92660.  It was about noon-ish, and we were going for lunch.  We’d pulled up to the exit, and my friend swiped her card, and the gate went up.  She began to press the accelerator, and a woman walks out in front of the car literally inches in front of it.  Thankfully my friend was able to stop.  After a moment the woman notices the car, stops in front of it, and grins at us and says “sorry!” – and stays stopped in front of the car.  We didn’t say a word, but had shocked “what the hell?” looks on our faces.  She got annoyed and said “I said I was sorry!” – still standing still right in front of the car.  After a few seconds she slowly walked off.  All I can say is I hope she hasn’t procreated.


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