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TV – a wide open spectrum from “amazingly spectacular” to “did they really say that?” to “stupid beyond words (but I’ll try!)” – outrageous!

The Food Channel

Some of my favorite programming is on the Food/Cooking Channels.  I have definite opinions on some of the people involved with these programs – i.e., within some of the best shows there are also some of the worst annoyances.  It’s very unfortunate that some … Continue reading


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The Eagles

Right now I am watching, for the umpteenth time, the Showtime documentary “History of the Eagles” – in my opinion this is an amazing piece.  It is beautifully made, in every way.  We get to see and hear what these men … Continue reading

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Opinion – Cable TV

Tonight, Monday, 7/29/13, I saw on HBO a new documentary called “First Comes Love” – um, definitely had mixed feelings about it.  I thought the filming techniques and level of detail and depth of involvement of the various participants were well done.  … Continue reading

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Cable Station: Opinion

Tonight (July 21, 2013) I was watching the cable station Max Thriller which, just before 8:00pm PDT, aired this “panel” thing (I think it was a kind of commercial?) on R rated and PG 13 comedy movies.  Here’s my opinion (and not just mine … Continue reading


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